Guazhou Solar Power, China 

Generating clean electricity by utilising solar energy in the Solar Power Industry Zone, Gansu Province of China.


The Project

Guazhou 100MW Solar Power Project is a grid-connected solar photovoltaic power plant with installed capacity of 100.5 MWp, that is located in Solar Power Industry Zone, Guazhou County, Jingyuan City, Gansu Province of China.

The purpose of the project is to generate electricity by using the renewable solar energy, and the electricity generated by the project will replace the equivalent energy generated by fossil-fuel dominated NWPG, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


The Impact

The scenario prior to the implementation of the project saw electricity being generated by Northwest Power Grid (NWPG), and the purpose is to generate electricity by using the renewable solar energy.

During the first crediting period, the annual average GHG emission reductions were 126,206 tCO2e, while the total GHG emission reductions during the first 10-year crediting period are estimated to be 1,262,062 tCO2e.


Sustainable Development Goals / Outcomes

The project promotes local sustainable development through the following aspects:

  • The project activity will displace the power generation of fossil fuel power plants, reducing CO2, SOx and NOx emissions significantly, thus mitigating the air pollution and its adverse impacts on human health.
  • Improvement of the fossil fuel dominated fuel mix of the electricity generation in the power grid by providing clean and renewable energy source, and help to energy supply security.
  • Promote application and diffusion of the innovative/creative solar PV technology in China through the demonstrative practice of the project activity.