Hebei Chengde Wind Farm, China 

This wind farm in Hebei Chengde Weichang Yudaokou Ruyihe is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing clean energy that replaces fossil fuel power sources.


The Project

Currently China is one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHGs). This project represents one of the country’s efforts to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels as the world pushes towards net zero emissions.

The purpose of the project is to install 33 sets of 1.5MW wind turbine-generators (WTGs) and 75 sets of 2MW WTGs to generate clean renewable electricity with zero emissions. Wind is a clean form of energy that doesn’t produce any solid waste products or air pollutants, and also doesn’t consume any fuels or water for power generation.


The Impact

The project will not only supply renewable electricity to the grid but will also contribute to the sustainable development of the local community by means of reducing the emission of other pollutants resulting from the power generation industry in China. Furthermore, the project will help to stimulate the growth of the wind power industry and encourage the progress of innovative technological advancements of clean renewable energy generation.

The project will create local employment opportunities during assembly and installation of the electricity generation equipment and during the project construction phase, as well as provide long-term employment during the lifecycle of the project.


Sustainable Development Goals / Outcomes

The project’s activity is projected to contribute to sustainable development in the following ways:

  • Provide affordable and clean energy for the regional grid with no waste and fuel requirements.

  • Contribute to decent work and economic growth by providing long-term infrastructure development for the region and its people.

  • Help tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing dependency on fossil fuels