The benefits of cooling therapy

Cooling therapy has been shown to be an effective, non-pharmacological method for reducing perineal pain and swelling. An analgesic (numbing) effect is achieved when tissue temperature is reduced by 10-15 degrees Celsius by applying a cold pack topically for 10-20 minutes.1

  • It is a widely used and accepted perineal pain management approach in hospitals
  • Easy to use, inexpensive and doesn’t interfere with breastfeeding
  • It is a pain management solution that new mums can continue to use once they leave hospital.
  • It can be safely used as often and for as long as it is required.

In a trial, MamaCool™ was shown to reduce perineal temperatures by an average of 11.7 degrees Celsius, thus achieving therapeutic levels of cooling.

Perineal pain

Perineal pain is common during the birth of a baby. Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) have reported that up to 90% of women who give birth vaginally will experience some sort of trauma in the form of a tear, graze or episiotomy.2  However, even if no trauma is experienced, many women who give birth vaginally will feel a level of pain and discomfort post-partum.

Perineal pain and trauma can significantly impact a new mother’s ability to move around after birth and can interfere with how she is able to parent her new baby. A woman’s vagina and perineum can take anywhere up to 6 weeks to completely heal, depending on the level of trauma suffered.

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